Réussir sa Power Nap

En imaginant que vous êtes déjà convaincu par la power nap, voici quelques conseils. Sinon commencez par lire cet article avec une interview de l’excellent Bruno Comby.

  • You are not oblige to tell your colleagues and Manager what you will do even if I strongly recommend you to do not hide yourself when napping (don’t go to the toilets, that’s really less comfortable than your ergonomic chair)
  • While it depends on people, ideal napping time is between 12:00 to 15:00
  • Take a coffee before your nap (as the caffeine effect will start 30min after)
  • For nap at work
    • Put your computer and phone sounds off
    • Update your Instant Messaging status
    • Set-up a calm alarm countdown from 12 to 15 min. Maximum is around 25-30 when you start your deep sleep.
    • Relax yourself in your chair, moving backward if possible
    • Ideally put eyes mask and ear plugs
    • Close your eyes and breath with your stomach
    • I recommend the Ostrich Pillow and the Jawbone Up
  • Clear your mind
    • Push away any topics that stress you
    • Concentrate on your breath
    • If an issue come to the surface that you’re afraid not remember, wake-up and note it
    • If some great ideas come to your mind, leave them without asking question, they may generate other mind connections
  • Nap can be with or without sleep. So do not stress if you can still ear background noise. Just do not pay attention to them.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you don’t nap. Some days have a busy agenda
  • If you have a chance and if you feel the need, do a 2 to 5 min nap on your way to come back home
  • If you start waking up earlier (which you should the next day of a nap), do not stay in your bed, wake up and start your day. Note also your wake-up time for couple of days. Then change your alarm clock for 10 min after that average wake-up time. This will work as an alarm just in case, your natural wake-up doesn’t work.
  • Do not change your night schedule except that a good practice is to avoid computer or television at least 30min to one hour before going to bed. Simply take a paper book!

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