Mon premier Forum Ouvert

Yesterday I went to my first Open Space on Agile.

In few words the Open Space concept is to allow a group of people with a common interest to meet, propose their topics they want to discuss, split topics into groups and rounds, discuss together 40min per round and each group wrap-up 1min after each round.
Three behaviors are possible: two steps (listen and contribute or move on), butterfly (you move around groups and listen only), bee (you move around groups and share contributions).

Finally what I loved the most was the 4 statements that drive this open space meeting discussion:
1. People that show-up are the right people
2. The best time to start is when it starts
3. What happened could not happen differently
4. When it’s finished, it’s finished

So yesterday the Open Space was on Agile. We met for 2h30 in Paris with 15 people. I proposed two topics for rounds:

  • how/should we convince Agile detractors?
  • What are qualities/duties of a Product Owner?

And I joined a round about « Short projects and unrealistic plan »

Attached are the 3 flipcharts with our notes.

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