Make effective meetings

Have you asked yourself « why am I in this meeting? » Or « what this meeting for? »

If so, Al Pittampalli ( created a framework that will help you to be more effective in organizing meetings.

His concept is to treat different decisions differently (DDD) as summarized in table below.

  • First question to ask yourself is « How consequential is this decision I want? ».
  • If none, you don’t even need a meeting.
  • Then based on Low or High consequential of that decision, Al propose us to put in perspective 4 areas to understand really what’s important.
Consequential No Low High
Priority N/A Speed of the decision Accuracy of the decision
Function of the meeting N/A Coordination
of activities
ConflictBecause debate lead to better decisions
Goal N/A Buy-in
give me your concerns
open mind
Deliver of the meeting (output) N/A Action Plan
with commitment
Final decision
don’t care yet about the coordination yet

The full video is there:

And if you want more food for thoughts on meetings, here is his website

On this same area, I recently found a complementary decision graph.

Last let me share a one pager of key things about meetings if you really need it:



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