Des questions Managers/RH plus pertinentes lors de vos entretiens

Dans un récent post sur son site Internet Human Workplace, Liz Ryan, propose aux recruteurs (Managers et RH) de créer des questions fluides permettant au candidat de s’exprimer plus ouvertement et donc de se révéler:

  1. What’s the project or accomplishment in your working life so far that best illustrates how you operate? I’d love to hear that story.
  2. If we end up working together and I’m your manager, tell me how I can support you best. How do you like to communicate, to check in on projects, to give and get feedback, and anything else you care about from a managerial or coaching standpoint?
  3. You’ve looked at our website and researched our company somewhat, I’m sure. What would you say we’re doing right, and what are we doing wrong or could be doing better?
  4. How does this job, as you understand it, advance your career? Feel free to ask me questions about the role and the organization before you answer my question.
  5. Here’s a situation that comes up all the time around here. (Explain.) What’s your take?
  6. You’ve heard a little about this job now. What sound to you like the biggest challenges or steepest learning curves to climb?
  7. Having heard about the role and our team, what do you think would be your first project to take on or obstacle to knock down in this job?
  8. Tell me about the best manager you’ve had so far, and why it was such a good fit.
  9. What else can I tell you about this job?
  10. If we were to work together, what sort of compensation package would it take to get you on our team?

De mon côté, souhaitant tester l’esprit entrepreneur des candidats, j’aime leur demander:
Si vous aviez à créer un business qui n’avait rien à voir avec votre expertise actuelle, que ferait cette société ? quel serait votre rôle ? Que feriez-vous au jour le jour ?


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